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Solar Power System

1. Solution for Solar Power Station
As a result of excessive consumption of traditional fossil energy, remaining non-renewable energy is insufficient for future use. So, new energy resources, such as wind energy, solar energy and tidal energy, have been paid great attention to all over the world. In particular, solar energy has been vigorously developed due to its relatively stable supply, and its power generating efficiency is becoming higher and higher. At present, the installed capacity has reached up to MW level.

1. High degree of automation
2. Simple operation
3. Safe and stable working
4. High reliability

1. Solar power station
2. Smart power grid

2. Solution for Household Solar System
A household solar system mainly includes solar cell module (array), storage battery, controller, inverter and load. More specifically, the solar cell module and storage battery work as the power system, while the controller and inverter work as the control and protection system.

Pulse width modulation (PWM) technology is adopted for charge control, which enables the entire system to operate in the area around the maximum power point (Pm). On the other hand, the discharge control is mainly used to turn off this solar system under the circumstance of power shortage or system malfunction (open circuit, incorrect connection, etc).

An inverter is used to convert DC power of storage battery into AC, and based on excitation mode, it is classified into self-excited series and external-excited series.

1. No pollution or noise
2. Low carbon and environmentally friendly
3. Normal performance without mains supply
4. Stable performance and long life span (over 20 years)

1. Household lighting device
2. Family solar water heater