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Medical Equipment

1. Solution for Electronic Endoscope
The electronic endoscope plays an important role in modern medical examination. During working, light generated by a light source is transmitted to the body cavity to be examined through optical fibre, and a CCD image sensor receives light reflected by the mucosa in the body cavity. Then, light signals are converted into electrical signals which will be transmitted to a processor by wire subsequently. These electrical signals will be processed by the processor, and shortly after, color images will be displayed on the monitor.

1. The probe makes uses of an ultra small-package MCU to reduce its size, and this MCU only consumes little power.
2. The main processor is designed with high-performance ARM chip to improve its picture processing capacity.

1. Endoscope
2. Electronic equipment for medical use

2. Solution for Oxygen Generator
The molecular sieve oxygen generator adopts an advanced gas separation technology (PSA) to extract oxygen from air directly. The produced oxygen is fresh and natural, and it suits for direct use. Our product exhibits a maximum pressure of 0.2-0.3MPa (equal to 2-3kg), and the potential of explosion is avoided.

This oxygen generator is widely utilized in homes and hospitals to cure altitude stress, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease and respiratory disease.

1. Energy saving MCU for main control.
2. Automatic generating tools for graphic code
3. Humanized development environment
3. High energy utilization rate (over 85%)

1. Healthy care facility
2. Electronic apparatus for medical use