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Industrial Automation

1. Solution for Universal Frequency Converter
Currently, a motion control system combines leading-edge technologies of various fields together, and a frequency converter, which is utilized as a power converter, develops very fast. With the fast development of control technology, new power electronic device and high-performance microprocessor, frequency converter is made smaller and smaller without compromising functionality. But, manufacturers are not satisfied yet. They try to further improve its reliability and technical performance with a even smaller body, and pollution shall be avoided.

SJK has built long-term cooperative relationships with famous manufacturers in the industry, and is allowed to distribute power device, isolator, MCU, encoder, fuse, wireless and Ethernet communication devices.

1. High frequency
2. Digitized, intelligent and networked control

Our frequency converter is applicable for escalator, cable manufacturing machine, printing and dyeing equipment, chemical machinery, plastic machinery, oilfield equipment, mining machinery, textile machine, die manufacturing equipment, foodstuff processing machinery, automatic industrial machine and fibre manufacturing machine.

Schematic Diagram

2. Solution for Servo Control System
The AC servo control system adopts closed-loop control, and advanced vector control algorithm is employed to control the frequency of motor. Moreover, the AVAGO AEAT-9000 optical-electricity encoder is utilized for positioning, and it enhances the positional accuracy as well as the dynamic performance of servo motor, thus realizing accurate positioning, speed control and power output. In general, the motion control system is featured by high precision, reliable stability, good adaptability, outstanding dynamic property and excellent overload capacity.

1. With optimal positioning accuracy, closed-loop control is achieved for positioning, speed and torque.
2. Our product works stably during low-speed operation, and stepping phenomenon , which is similar to that of a stepping motor, is not likely to take place.
3. Due to its good overload capacity, our product is applicable for diverse automatic control equipment.

Our servo control system is suitable for machine tool, packaging/printing machine, textile equipment, industrial robot, automatic production line, laser process equipment and so on.

Schematic Diagram