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    1. LT10.7 Series Ceramic FilterOur product exhibits low spurious response and excellent thickness shear oscillation performance, while its insertion loss and stop band attenuation are as low as 7dB and 40dB, respectively. In addition, this 3-pin ceramic filter is commonly utilized in televisions and other devices.
    1. LT450 Series Ceramic FilterAs indicated by its name, the LT450 series ceramic filter has a center frequency of 455±2KHz, and it has 5 pins. This ceramic discriminator is characterized by high selectivity, high frequency stability, low insertion loss as well as low spurious response, and there are various bandwidths to choose from.
    1. LT455 Series Ceramic FilterAs for technical performance, this 3-pin ceramic filter has a center frequency of 455±2KHz, and its 6dB bandwidth and 50dB bandwidth are ±15KHz and ±30KHz, respectively. Moreover, our product exhibits excellent stability and low spurious response, and it could be customized.

Ceramic Filter

The ceramic filter doesn't need external load capacitors because there are load capacitors inside, and these internal capacitors are different if different integrated circuits are utilized. This electronic filter offers stable frequency output within a wide temperature range, and it is also characterized by small size, light weight and superior shock resistance.

This ceramic discriminator is primarily adopted in frequency selection, IF modulation, frequency discrimination and frequency filtration circuits for the purpose of frequency separation. Due to its good stability, high reliability, low insertion loss and low stop band attenuation, our ceramic filter is commonly seen in televisions, interphones, radios, recorders, communication devices and other commercial electronic products.