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LT455 Series Ceramic Filter

The LT455 series ceramic filter is actually a small-sized frequency selection circuit that could deliver reliable performance, and there are several bandwidths available.

As for technical performance, this 3-pin ceramic filter has a center frequency of 455±2KHz, and its 6dB bandwidth and 50dB bandwidth are ±15KHz and ±30KHz, respectively. Moreover, our product exhibits excellent stability and low spurious response, and it could be customized.

Technical Data of LT455 Series Ceramic Filter
1. Center frequency: 455±2KHz
2. 6dB bandwidth: ±15KHz
3. 50dB bandwidth: ±30KHz
4. Insertion loss: 4dB
5. Stop band attenuation: 30dB
6. Ripple: 2dB
7. Pin No.: 3
8. Input/output impedance: 1500Ω
9. Size: See PDF below

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