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LT450 Series Ceramic Filter

As indicated by its name, the LT450 series ceramic filter has a center frequency of 455±2KHz, and it has 5 pins. This ceramic discriminator is characterized by high selectivity, high frequency stability, low insertion loss as well as low spurious response, and there are various bandwidths to choose from.

Our 5-pin ceramic filter is commonly seen in GDT, interphone, cell phone, audio equipment, communication device, etc. In addition, this product could be tailored according to customers' requirements to fit for every specific application.

Technical Data of LT450 Series Ceramic Filter
1. Center frequency: 455±2KHz
2. 6dB bandwidth: ±15KHz
3. 50dB bandwidth: ±30KHz
4. Insertion loss: 4dB
5. Stop band attenuation: 40dB
6. Ripple: 2dB
7. Pin No.: 5
8. Input/output impedance: 1500Ω
9. Size: See PDF below

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