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LT10.7 Series Ceramic Filter

As a Pb-free and RoHS compliant electronic device, the LT10.7 series ceramic filter has 3 pins, and it provides oscillation frequency at 10.7MHz. So, it is also called 10.7MHz ceramic filter.

Our product exhibits low spurious response and excellent thickness shear oscillation performance, while its insertion loss and stop band attenuation are as low as 7dB and 40dB, respectively. In addition, this 3-pin ceramic filter is commonly utilized in televisions and other devices.

Technical Data of LT10.7 Series Ceramic Filter
1. Frequency: 10.7MHz
2. 3dB bandwidth: 180±40KHz
3. 20dB bandwidth: 520KHz
4. Insertion loss: 7dB
5. Stop band attenuation: 40dB
6. Pin No.: 3
7. Size: See PDF below

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