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    1. ZTA Ceramic ResonatorOur ceramic resonator has been extensively integrated into electronic products, like radios, televisions, lighting devices, computer peripherals, household appliances, communication devices, home theater systems, long/short wave transmitters and receivers, etc.
    1. ZTB Ceramic ResonatorTechnically speaking, the frequency range is 375KHz-1250KHz, and the most commonly used frequency is 455KHz (CRB 455E). In addition, this through-hole resonator is provided at a low price.
    1. ZTT Ceramic ResonatorThis cheap electronic device provides precise frequency output from 1.8MHz to 50MHz, making it suitable for computer peripherals, small household appliances and other electronic products.

Ceramic Resonator

Technically speaking, ceramic resonators have similar functions when compared with quartz crystals, though their precision and frequency stability are slightly lower. In this regard, a quartz crystal could work in place of a ceramic resonator, but not vice versa.

So, why such an electronic component is still manufactured?
For communication devices, instruments and meters, quart crystals are preferred due to their high precision. However, if precision and frequency stability are not strictly required, a ceramic resonator would work as well, but it saves a lot of cost. For example, this cheap device is often seen in radios, televisions, electronic toys, lighting devices, TV remote controllers, home theater systems, small household appliances and other electronic products.

Our SMD ceramic resonator and thruhole ceramic resonator are highly appreciated by global customers, and this is the result of their outstanding properties as listed below.
1. Competitive price
2. High precision
3. Broad frequency range (1.8MHz-50MHz)
4. Wide operating temperature range
5. Small-sized body with 3 pins
6. RoHS compliant

We provide a full product catalog illustrating size, frequency range and other parameters of our ceramic resonators, and please contact our engineers during product design stage for better technical performance. In addition, customized products are also available upon request.