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5032 SMD VCXO (Differential Output)

5032 SMD differential output VCXO (Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator) oscillator is available with LVPECL /LVDS output level, its output frequency from 50MHz up to 200MHz. Features of excellent low phase noise and jitter, this SMD VCXO oscillator can be used for SDH /SONET, Ethernet, base stations, telecommunication, server, automotive, STB, radio communication, etc.

1. 5.0×3.2×1.2mm size miniature SMD differential output VCXO oscillator.
2. LVDS /LVPECL output level, output frequency from 50MHz to 200MHz.
3. 3-state function available.
4. Wide pull range and good linearity.
5. Excellent low phase noise and jitter.
6. Fundamental solution.
7. RoHS Compliant /Pb Free.

Electrical Specifications
Model 5032 SMD Differential Output VCXO Oscillator
Oscillator Mode Fundamental
Output Level LVPECL LVDS
Output Load 50Ω to VDD-2V 100Ω
Frequency Range 50~200MHz 50~200MHz
Supply Voltage (VDD) 3.3V
Operating Temperature Range -20~+70℃ , or specify
Storage Temperature Range -55~+125℃ , or specify
Rise (Tr) /Fall (Tf) Time 1ns Max. 1ns Max.
Supply current Fundamental: 80mA Fundamental: 80mA
Symmetry 45~55%
Start-up Time 10ms Max.
Absolute Pulling Range (APR) ±50ppm Min., or specify
Nominal Control Voltage 0.5VDD
Control Voltage Range 0~VDD
Linearity 10% Max.
Phase Jitter (12KHz~20MHz) 1ps Max.
Dimension(L×W×H) 5.0×3.2×1.20(mm)
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