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    1. 2520 SMD TCXO / VC-TCXO2520 SMD VC-TCXO /TCXO oscillators have advantages of low voltage operation, low phase noise, high-stability, high performance, and voltage control function. This SMD oscillator is used for mobile communication, radio communication, wearable device, IOT, smart device, GPS, mobile phone, wireless communication, etc.
    1. 3225 SMD TCXOIt is a RoHS compliant and Pb-free crystal oscillator with superior frequency-temperature and frequency-supply voltage characteristics, which are ±2.5ppm and ±0.1ppm at the most, respectively.
      This seam sealed TCXO offers eco-friendly performance despite of its miniature body
    1. 3225 SMD VCTCXOThis surface mount TCVCXO is intended to provide stable frequency output within 13MHz-40MHz, and it is featured by CMOS output, high precision, high reliability, low phase noise as well as excellent frequency stability.
    1. 6T DIP TCXOOur temperature compensated oscillator offers a frequency range of 1MHz-1500MHz, and its supply voltage is 3.3V, 5.0V or 12.0V. Moreover, the output mode is HCMOS or TTL, and the waveform is either square or sine.


A temperature compensated crystal oscillator, often abbreviated as TCXO, offers remarkable frequency stabilities as tight as 10-7 or 10-6 by utilizing proper temperature compensation methods, such as capacitance compensation, thermistor compensation, etc. For SJK, our TXCOs are mainly divided into three series, which are 3225 SMD TCXO, 3225 SMD VCTCXO and 6T DIP TCXO.

TCXO not only has excellent frequency stability, but also exhibits advantages of small size as well as the ability to start up at low current. As a result, it plays a very important role in many communication systems, such as GPS, radar, navigation system, mobile communication, electronic measuring instrument, stored program controlled telephone exchange, etc. The following paragraph gives more details.

In mobile communication, a TCXO is the reference oscillator that provides reference frequency for the sending channel, and it also works as the first local oscillator of the receiving channel. On the other hand, another TCXO serves as the second local oscillator to transfer oscillation signals to the second frequency converter. For mobile phones, a frequency stability of 0.1ppm-2.5ppm (-30℃~+75℃) is preferred, but for cost considerations, TCXO oscillators with frequency stability of 1.5ppm-2.5ppm are often adopted.