1. 2016 SMD Oscillator

      Extremely small 2.0×1.6×0.75mm size SMD seam sealed crystal clock oscillator has advantages of low supply voltage and low current consumption, CMOS level output, high frequency range from 4MHz up to 54MHz.
      2016 SMD oscillator is used for wireless communication, Bluetooth, PC, peripherals, gaming equipment, mobile communication, automotive, wearable device, etc.

    1. 2520 SMD OscillatorOur active surface mount oscillator realizes CMOS output, low phase noise and tri-state function, and it is hermetically sealed to protect itself from mechanical shock. In addition, this CMOS oscillator has an ultra small size, which is only 2.5×2.0×0.8mm.
    1. 3225 SMD OscillatorAs a stand alone clock generator, this electronic device exhibits a broad frequency range, from 1MHz to 106.25MHz, and its supply voltage is 1.8V, 2.5V or 3.3V. Moreover, our surface mount crystal oscillator is also characterized by CMOS output, tri-state function, low phase
    1. 5032 SMD OscillatorOur product is a kind of CMOS/TTL crystal oscillator as it supports both CMOS and TTL output, while tri-state function and low phase noise are also achieved. In addition, this electronic component is seam sealed to guarantee its safe and reliable performance.
    1. 5032 SMD Oscillator (Differential Output)5032 SMD differential LVDS /LVPECL /HCSL output crystal clock oscillators feature of available 2.5V and 3.3V operation voltage, excellent low phase noise and jitter, its high frequency range from 25MHz up to 200MHz.
    1. 7050 SMD OscillatorOur surface mount oscillator is powered by an input voltage of 3.3V or 5.0V to offer a wide range of frequency, varying from 1.544MHz to 125MHz, and its maximum start up time is only 10ms. Furthermore, this full-fledged quartz crystal oscillator realizes low phase noise and tri-state function
    1. 7050 SMD Oscillator (Differential Output)7050 SMD differential LVDS /LVPECL /HCSL output crystal clock oscillators have advantages of 2.5V and 3.3V operation voltage, fundamental /3rd-Overtone /PLL solution, high frequency range from 25MHz up to 700MHz, excellent low phase noise and jitter, and available 3-state function.
    1. 6M Full Size OscillatorOur low power oscillator has a mixed-signal integrated circuit inside, and its output logic is available in two types which are CMOS and TTL. The supply voltage is 3.3V or 5.0V, and the phase noise is very low.
    1. 6M Half Size OscillatorWith a mixed-signal integrated circuit inside, this quartz crystal oscillator provides a broad frequency range, changing from 0.25MHz to 180MHz, and it adopts a DIP8 metal package. In this regard, it is sometimes referred to as DIP8 oscillator or DIP8 half size oscillator.
    1. 32.768KHz Crystal OscillatorEnergy-saving and environment friendly, the CMOS crystal oscillator consumes less energy. It only takes about 2ms for quick start. Apart from CMOS output, the quartz crystal oscillator supports tri-state function and is characterized by low phase noise. Containing little lead, the 32.768KHz crystal oscillator is RoHS and Pb-Free compliant.

Quartz Crystal Oscillator

Product Advantage
Our quartz crystal oscillator, or simply crystal oscillator, is fabricated using state-of-the-art crystal and semiconductor processing technologies, and its metal case and holder are hermetically sealed together via resistance welding in dry nitrogen gas. Owing to this welding technique, ambient temperature has a lowered influence over quartz crystal inside, and magnetic induction also has less effect on the final output frequency at the same time.

As for pin configurations, these full-fledged electrical oscillators have two choices which are DIP14 and DIP8, making them sometimes referred to as full-size 14 pin oscillator and half-size 8 pin oscillator, respectively. On the other hand, a specialized oscillator circuit is embedded to reduce phase noise, thus offering stable frequency output.

Customer Service
The quartz crystal oscillator is available in different frequency ranges, and we try all means to make it a simple job when purchasing our products. For example, customers are allowed to communicate with us through the Internet so as to shorten the time required for model selection, and many other service items are also provided to cut down the delivery time.