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32.768KHz Crystal Oscillator

The 32.768KHz crystal oscillator is mainly used on intelligent electric meter, real-time clock, automobile, handheld device, and so on. Employing AT-cut technology, our 2520 SMD crystal oscillator has better frequency stability, compared with standard 32.768KHz crystal oscillator. For 24-hour continuous operation, the error is just 2s (generally 8s).

Energy-saving and environment friendly, the CMOS crystal oscillator consumes less energy. It only takes about 2ms for quick start. Apart from CMOS output, the quartz crystal oscillator supports tri-state function and is characterized by low phase noise. Containing little lead, the 32.768KHz crystal oscillator is RoHS and Pb-Free compliant.

Technical Parameters
Frequency range 32.768KHz
Supply voltage 1.8V-3.3V
Frequency difference ±25ppm vs. -40-85°C
±40ppm vs. -40-125°C
Operating temperature -20-70°C, -40-85°C, -40-125°C
Storage temperature -55-125°C
Phase jitter(12KHz-20KHz) Max. 2ps
Start time Max. 2ms
Product size 2.5×2.0×0.8mm

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