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5032 SMD Oscillator (Differential Output)

5032 SMD differential LVDS /LVPECL /HCSL output crystal clock oscillators feature of available 2.5V and 3.3V operation voltage, excellent low phase noise and jitter, its high frequency range from 25MHz up to 200MHz. This SMD oscillator can be applied for fibre channel, gigabit ethernet, serial ATA, telecommunications, server, base station, etc.

1. 5.0×3.2×1.2mm size miniature SMD differential LVDS /LVPECL /HCSL output crystal clock oscillator.
2. Supply voltage: 2.5V /3.3V.
3. 3-state function available.
4. Excellent low phase noise and jitter.
5. High frequency range from 25MHz to 200MHz.
6. RoHS Compliant /Pb Free.

Electrical Specifications
Model 5032 SMD Differential Output Crystal Clock Oscillator
Oscillator Mode Fundamental /3rd Overtone
Frequency Range 25~200MHz
Output Load 100Ω 50Ω to VDD-2V 50Ω
Supply Voltage 2.5V, 3.3V
Frequency Stability ±50ppm, or specify
Operating Temperature Range -20~+70℃, or specify
Storage Temperature Range -55~+125℃, or specify
Rise (Tr) /Fall (Tf) Time 1ns Max. 1ns Max. 0.5ns Max.
Supply current 80mA Max. 80mA Max. 30mA Max.
Symmetry 45~55%
Start-up Time 5ms Max.
Phase Jitter (12KHz~20MHz) 1ps Max. 1ps Max. 0.2ps Typ., 1.0ps Max.
Dimension(L×W×H) 5.0×3.2×1.20(mm)
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