1. 6K6 (2×6mm) Watch CrystalThis crystal unit consumes little power as the maximum drive level is only 1μW, and its typical load capacitance ranges from 6.0pF to 12.5pF. Furthermore, the operating temperature range is either -20℃~+70℃ or -40℃~+85℃, and the aging rate is just ±3ppm/year, thus making it possible to work for a long time.
    1. 6K8 (3×8mm) Watch CrystalAs a low-frequency crystal, it outputs frequency within 30KHz-350KHz, and its frequency tolerance at 25℃ varies from ±20ppm to ±100ppm, while its aging rate is only ±3ppm/year.
      Our cylinder-encapsulated crystal is a PB-free product that is in accordance with RoHS requirements, and it boasts high accuracy, good reliability and superb frequency stability.
    1. 7R 2012 SMD Crystal

      2012 size ultra miniature SMD 32.768kHz crystal with 2 pads surface mount package, which has high precision and reliability, and it is suitable for mobile communications, consumer device, telecommunications, watch, etc.
      A ceramic package with metal lid providing.

    1. 7L 3215 SMD Watch Crystal

      Our product is a miniature crystal with the size of 3.2×1.5mm, and it fits for automatic assembly as well as reflow soldering.
      On the other hand, this surface mount crystal is an eco-friendly device as there is no Pb in it, perfectly meeting the requirements of RoHS.

    1. 7M 7015 SMD Watch Crystal

      Though being a small and lightweight device, our surface mount crystal is able to provide precise and reliable frequency output with superb frequency-temperature characteristic. Moreover, this KHz crystal adopts tape and reel packaging, making it suitable for automatic assembly and reflow soldering.

    1. 206B SMD Watch CrystalAs a miniature crystal unit, our product is only 2×6mm in size, and it consumes very little energy because the maximum drive level is just 1μW. On the other hand, this cylinder-encapsulated crystal is a RoHS compliant Pb-free oscillating element, and its typical load capacitance varies from 6.0pF to 12.5pF.
    1. 308C SMD Watch Crystal

      The 308C SMD watch crystal is a 32.768KHz crystal unit sealed in a plastic package, and then these tuning fork crystals are packed in the form of tape and reel to facilitate automatic assembly and reflow soldering.
      Our surface mount crystal is a RoHS certificated product, and it shows the advantage of small size, high accuracy, high reliability and good frequency stability, thereby making it suitable for various applications.


KHz Range Quartz Crystals

SJK is dedicated to the production of various quartz crystals, and KHz range quartz crystal is one of our featured products in this field. Moreover, SMD crystals represent the irreversible developing trend of quartz crystals, because lead-free reflow soldering technique provides uniform and solid solder joints, while metal cases exhibit better shock resistance when compared to ceramic ones.

Our technical team has rich experience in researching KHz-band quartz crystals, and these products are manufactured according to the strictest international standards. In this way, the cutting angle, shape and size are meticulously controlled to ensure the final output frequency. Meanwhile, our KHz range quartz crystals could be made-to-order to fit for every specific application.

Our KHz crystal unit is subdivided into SMD crystal and cylindrical tuning fork crystal which are both characterized by high precision, high reliability and good frequency stability. Moreover, the drive level could be as low as 1μW, and these products are RoHS certificated.

The KHz range quartz crystal is a best-selling device on the global market, and it has been extensively adopted in watches, cameras, computer peripherals, USB devices, embedded systems, security instruments, automotive electronics, home theater systems, instruments and meters, consumer electronic products, etc.