1. 6K Series Cylindrical CrystalThis tuning fork crystal has a wide frequency range of 3.579MHz-50MHz, and it is also characterized by small size, high precision, excellent reliability, superior frequency stability and low power consumption.
    1. HC-49S Quartz CrystalThe HC-49S quartz crystal is a RoHS compliant crystal seamed sealed in a package, and it exhibits high precision, good reliability, tight frequency stability as well as wide frequency range (3MHz~100MHz). As a kind of low profile crystal, its height is only about one-fourth
    1. HC-49SMD Quartz CrystalThis low profile quartz crystal offers precise and stable performance, and its frequency range is 3MHz~100MHz.
      Our surface mount crystal suits for automatic mounting and reflow soldering, and it conforms to RoHS standard, indicating that there is no Pb in it.
    1. HC-49U Quartz CrystalOur product is hermetically sealed, and it shows advantages of high precision, excellent reliability as well as superior aging characteristic.
      This leaded crystal unit realizes wide frequency range of 1.843MHz~150MHz, and it is exceptionally suitable for wireless telecommunication equipment as a result of its good frequency stability.
    1. UM-1 Quartz CrystalThis piezoelectric quartz crystal unit is seam sealed, and it has a maximum height of 8mm. Due to its good aging characteristic and frequency stability, it is extremely suitable for wireless telecommunication devices. In addition, our oscillator crystal is a Pb-free product as per RoHS standard, so it won’t do damage to the environment.
    1. UM-5 Quartz CrystalThis crystal unit is featured by high frequency, ranging from 4MHz to 200MHz, and it also exhibits high precision, high reliability, low aging rate as well as good frequency-temperature characteristic.
      Owing to the abovementioned properties, this oscillating element is extensively used in wireless telecommunication devices.
    1. 1612 SMD Crystal

      1612 size ultra miniature and light weight SMD crystal units have advantages of wide frequency output from 24MHz up to 54MHz, high precision and high reliability. This ceramic SMD crystal is applied for wearable device, mobile device, wireless communication, IOT, etc.

    1. 2016 SMD Crystal

      Our surface mount crystal has a frequency range of 20MHz~54MHz, and it possesses good environmental characteristics, such as heat resistance. Aside from these properties, this MHz quartz crystal also exhibits excellent technical performance in the aspects of precision, reliability, aging rate, frequency stability and so on.

    1. 2520 SMD CrystalThis SMD crystal unit measures only 2.5mm in length, 2.0mm in width and 0.55mm in height, but it shows remarkable environmental characteristics aside from its high precision, good reliability, low aging rate and tight frequency stability. Moreover, our product is suitable for automatic mounting as well as reflow soldering.
    1. 2520 SMD Glass Sealing Crystal2520 size miniature SMD glass sealing crystal units are provided with wide frequency range output from 12MHz up to 64MHz, excellent heat resistance, high precision and high reliability. The ceramic SMD glass seal crystal can be used for mobile device, wireless communication, USB, PC, NB, etc.
    1. 3225 SMD Glass Sealing Crystal

      With exceptionally small dimensions, our crystal unit outputs frequency within 12MHz-48MHz for different applications, and it shows excellent environmental characteristics, such as high heat resistance.
      As a RoHS compliant oscillating element, our fundamental crystal is a lead-free product

    1. 3225 SMD Seam Sealing CrystalThis seam sealed quartz crystal is favored by worldwide customers due to its splendid technical performance, including high precision, excellent reliability, low aging rate, tight frequency stability and good heat resistance. Furthermore, our product fits for automatic mounting and reflow soldering.
    1. 4025 SMD CrystalOur product is suitable for both automatic mounting and reflow soldering, and it only measures 4.0×2.5mm in length×width, while its maximum height is just 0.8mm.
      This surface mount crystal unit exhibits high precision, high reliability, good frequency stability, superb heat resistance as well as superior aging characteristic, making it a preferred choice on the market.
    1. 5032 SMD Glass Sealing CrystalSealed by glass, our piezoelectric quartz crystal unit is intended to output frequency within 10MHz-48MHz, and it fits for both automatic mounting and reflow soldering. Being a RoHS compliant surface mount crystal, it also performs overwhelmingly in the aspect of aging, precision, reliability, frequency stability and heat resistance.
    1. 5032 SMD Seam Sealing CrystalWhen it comes to technical performance, our product is able to provide a frequency range of 8MHz-48MHz with its tiny body, and it exhibits high precision, good reliability, low aging rate, excellent heat resistance and good frequency stability.
    1. 6035 SMD CrystalAs a leadless surface mount crystal, our product outputs vibrating frequency within 8MHz-80MHz, and it is highly praised by global engineers due to its unrivalled properties in the aspects of precision, reliability, frequency stability, heat resistance and aging characteristic.
    1. 7050 SMD CrystalAs the name implies, this quartz crystal only measures 7.0mm in length, 5.0mm in width and 1.0mm in height, but it is able to offer precise and reliable frequency output. Moreover, our MHz crystal is seam sealed to guarantee its superb aging and environmental characteristics, and it doesn’t employ any leads for electrical connections.
    1. 8045 SMD CrystalWith a small body, which is only 8.0×4.5×1.5mm, this leadless crystal unit provides a wide frequency range, from 8MHz to 80MHz. In this regard, our product is truly a MHz quartz crystal. Furthermore, it is glass sealed, and it suits for both automatic mounting and reflow soldering.
    1. C4 SMD CrystalOur product measures 11.8×5.5×1.5mm in overall dimensions, and it possesses superb environmental characteristics including heat and shock resistance aside from its high precision, high reliability and low aging rate.

MHz Range Quartz Crystals

SJK has been dedicated to the production of piezoelectric quartz crystal unit for over 20 years, making us a trustworthy MHz range quartz crystal supplier around the world. With the fast development of manufacturing technology, now these MHz vibrating crystals possess a high working frequency that could reach up to 150MHz, and their operating temperature range could be as wide as -40℃~+85℃.

To better meet market demand, we have built up a dust-free production workshop in Yantai City, Shandong Province, China. This workshop is outfitted with automatic crystal production lines to realize different crystal cuts and automatic production of MHz quartz crystal, and the available crystal cuts include AT, BT, DT, CT, ST and so on.

Thanks to the professional technical team, our MHz range quartz crystals could be tailored with various crystal cuts, oscillation modes and frequency ranges, and they fit perfectly for consumer electronic products.