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5032 SMD Seam Sealing Crystal

The 5032 SMD seam sealing crystal doesn’t make use of Pb during production process, making it an environmentally friendly quartz crystal as perRoHS standard. On the other hand, this surface mount crystal is also a leadless crystal unit because it doesn’t contain any leads, and it is seam sealed.

When it comes to technical performance, our product is able to provide a frequency range of 8MHz-48MHz with its tiny body, and it exhibits high precision, good reliability, low aging rate, excellent heat resistance and good frequency stability. In addition, our quartz crystal fits for automatic mounting and reflow soldering.

Technical Data of 5032 SMD Seam Sealing Crystal
1. Frequency range: 8MHz-48MHz
2. Oscillation mode: Fundamental
3. Load capacitance: 16pF, 20pF, 30pF, 32pF or other values if requested
4. Drive level: 10μW~100μW
5. Frequency stability: ±30ppm~±50ppm, or customized values
6. Frequency tolerance at 25℃: ±30ppm~±50ppm, or customized values
7. Shunt capacitance (C0): 5pF (max.)
8. Equivalent series resistance (ESR): 45Ω~60Ω
9. Operating temperature range: -20℃~+70℃, -40℃~+85℃
10. Storage temperature range: -55℃~+125℃
11. Aging characteristic: ±3ppm/year
12. Size: 5.0×3.2×0.8mm
13. Packing quantity: 1000 pieces/reel

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