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2520 SMD Glass Sealing Crystal

2520 size miniature SMD glass sealing crystal units are provided with wide frequency range output from 12MHz up to 64MHz, excellent heat resistance, high precision and high reliability. The ceramic SMD glass seal crystal can be used for mobile device, wireless communication, USB, PC, NB, etc.

1. 4 pads 2520 size SMD glass sealing crystal.
2. Excellent heat resistance.
3. High reliability and high precision.
4. Automatic mounting and reflow soldering.
5. Contains Pb in sealing glass exempted by RoHS directive.

Electrical Specifications
Model 7Z Series (2520 SMD glass sealing Crystal)
Frequency Range 12~64MHz
Frequency Tolerance (at 25℃) ±10ppm, ±20ppm, or specify
Frequency Stability Over Temperature ±10ppm, ±20ppm, or specify
Operating Temperature Range -20~+70℃, or specify
Storage Temperature Range -55~+125℃, or specify
Drive Level 1~50μW (10μW Typ.)
Load Capacitance 8pF, 10pF, or specify
Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) 60Ω~200Ω
Shunt Capacitance 3pF Max.
Overtone Order Fundamental
Aging (at 25℃) ±3ppm/Year Max.
Dimension(L×W×H) 2.5×2.0×0.75(mm)
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