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TXC Crystal

TXC is a leading frequency control device manufacturer headquartered in Taiwan, China, and SJK is authorized by TXC to sell some trustworthy products. Here are some details.

Product Catalog
Product Image Name Frequency Application PDF
TXC crystal 7B19200026 19.2MHz PDA, GPS, bluetooth, CNMB-TV, digital camera, mobile RF and other electronic products for communication.
TXC crystal 8Z40000055 40.0MHz
TXC crystal 7V27000050 27.0MHz
TXC crystal 7V26000012 26.0MHz
TXC crystal 7V32000035 32.0MHz
TXC crystal 7M26000056 26.0MHz
TXC crystal 7Q1630001 16.368MHz
TXC crystal 7M26000172 26.0MHz
TXC crystal 7M26000018 26.0MHz
TXC Crystal 7M26000028 26.0MHz
TXC Crystal 7M26000314 26.0MHz