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Microwave Communication Equipment

1. Point-to-Point Communication
The point-to-point communication technology makes use of microwave (an electromagnetic wave with wavelength of 0.1mm-1m) to realize light-of-sight propagation, and it exhibits better transmission capacity and transmission quality. As a result, it becomes an important method for wireless transmission and wireless wideband access.

1. Large transmission capacity (up to 256QAM)
2. Good transmission quality
3. Low cost and fast construction
4. Flexible use

1. Wireless transmission
2. Private network and emergency communication

Schematic Diagram

2. Frequency Synthesizer Module
A frequency synthesizer is widely used in communication devices to generate frequency, and it is an excellent frequency source that could improve overall performance.

1. Highly integrated, thus facilitating design process since fewer peripheral devices are needed
2. Low phase noise and spurious response

1. Mobile communication, such as base station, repeater station and RRU
2. Microwave communication, such as OBU

Schematic Diagram