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Mobile Communication Equipment

1. Base Station
The base station solution is applied for wireless communication, and it is intended to exchange information between mobile communication center and mobile phones.

1. Mobile communication in urban area where telephone traffic is large
2. Mobile communication in road, village, countryside and suburb

2. Repeater Solution
A repeater is an electronic device that enhance signals during wireless communication, so it is a kind of signal booster.

In downlink path, its antenna collects signals in the existing coverage area, and a bandpass filter makes excellent separation from signals of other frequency bands. Then, filtered signals will be amplified and retransmitted to areas to be covered. In uplink path, signals generated by mobile phones will be amplified and retransmitted to the corresponding base station in the same way, thus realizing signal transmission between mobile phones and base station.

Advantage over Base Station
1. Lower investment for the same coverage area
2. More flexible signal coverage
3. Better choice when there are few phone users
4. Shorter preparation time since no civil construction or transmission line is required

1. Mobile communication in road, suburb, village
2. Mobile communication in open area
3. Mobile communication in temporary or emergent meeting place
4. Mobile communication in L-shaped area